TRANOS (Train Noise Monitoring) is a mobile, independent train noise measurement and analysis system that is suitable for short and long-term measurements as well as for train noise reports and flat spot detection.

The system requires minimal framework conditions for installation and operation and is a cost-effective addition to the selective or ongoing monitoring of noise emissions and / or the technical integrity of trains and rolling stock in addition to trackside measuring systems. On the basis of the recorded sound structure, flat spots or damage can be identified early on. The system was tested for applicability over a period of 20 months. Initial evaluations have shown that more than 10% of all train journeys show at least one significantly recognizable irregularity, and almost 1% of trains even 3 or more “.

The system can be integrated into an overall monitoring system and can also be obtained temporarily as a service with the implementation of the measurement as well as the evaluation and provision of the data.

The following use cases can be covered:

  • Recording of train noise emissions according to EN 3095, evaluations according to DIN38452-1: 2020-03
  • Acquisition of train data: axle pattern, length, speed, vehicle number (RFID)
  • Recording of noise emissions: background level, train noise level, Laeq80, third octave level
  • Sound analysis for the detection of technical irregularities (flat spots) with detection of axle area / wagon
  • Analysis and evaluations available immediately after the train has passed
  • Result in log form and as a sound file, local intermediate storage

The advantages include simple assembly using ground anchors and mast assembly, with no need for a foundation. The outer housing is weatherproof, quick and easy wiring is possible. Frauscher axle sensor, integrated microphone, RFID car identification, data connection via LAN or GSM, as a mobile and permanent installation and as a 1-track or 2-track variant.

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