Korema Rail

The FFG -funded project KOREMA RAIL develops a platform for the efficient and digital management of (temporary) wagon parking and handover between the long-distance rail transport network and the loading point – the “parking resources” and the “wagon entry and exit control”.

Korema Rail screenshot

Your benefits:

  • Creation of a digital model of your track system
  • Marketing your track systems
  • Easy finding of (temporary) parking spaces for your wagons

… and free of charge for you!

The system is aimed at rail service providers, RUs and infrastructure owners who want to organize the resource utilization of sidings and depot tracks more efficiently and increase their capacity utilization:

  • Organizations for the provision of transfer stations and provision tracks,
  • Terminal and industrial shippers with rail transport connections and medium to high transport volumes in the rail sector.
  • Local service providers for the provision of storage, provision and shunting services
  • Railway companies in general (EVU train dispatchers)

With KOREMA RAIL two related problems are addressed:

  • The Parking and keeping ready of railway wagons on depot tracks,
  • The wagons Entry and exit control on depot / transfer tracks

Be a part of it!

We invite branch line operators to take part in the KOREMA project! The system is under a through the FFG funded research project is currently under construction and you can currently free of charge participate in the system. Simply register here – we will contact you:

Further information

Participation is free of charge and enables you to incorporate requirements and wishes into the current project for the construction of KOREMA-Rail, and possibly to provide your track infrastructure for the wagon parking and handling of wagons entry and exit controls via the project.

The services of KOREMA-Rail:

  • We generate a digital model of your track system,
  • provide you with free access to KOREMA-RAil for the duration of the project,
  • exchange information with you via the integrated document archive,
  • integrate your system into the process simulation (s) from Korema Rail

You have the opportunity:

  • Bring your requirements and wishes to the project consortium. Depending on the possibility, these are implemented in the pilot operation and are then also available live,
  • Manage your digital “twin” yourself and continue to complete the model,
  • To consider your internal processes, which can be based on a digital model of your system, and possibly also to develop, improve and check them immediately,
  • As a provider of or consumer of parking space, the project might find synergies and corresponding parking resources,
  • Perhaps to build up appropriate business connections for further stoppages, rentals and income,
  • Manage your system efficiently using the other KOREMA / dRAM function modules (maintenance to real-time location). These modules are available at a moderate price regardless of the KOREMA project.
  • To present your company in the context of the project’s publications.

And this without any additional (IT) expenses. Access is via the normal web browser.

Costs: no costs for the duration of the KOREMA project (until the end of 2021)!