The Hegenscheidt brand underfloor wheelset profiling machine enables wheelsets to be reprofiled on the installed wheelset.

In operation, wheel sets develop defects such as progressive profile wear, flat spots, thermal cracks and others. To maintain driving safety, the profiles are regularly checked and, if necessary, profile updates are carried out. While the wheelsets used to be removed for this purpose, today special machines are available that allow the re-profiling of wheelsets when they are installed. This offers significant economic advantages by increasing vehicle availability.

Grinding and profile contour milling machines were first used to reprofile wheel salts when they were installed. With the development of high-performance friction wheel drives and copying devices in the early 1960s, re-profiling on the built-in wheel set by turning became widespread worldwide. The advantages of turning on single wheel sets in the dismantled state could be transferred to the underfloor machining. Turning for wheel set re-profiling is the most important and most widely used process today. Every day around 70,000 wheel sets are reprofiled by turning around the world.

Furthermore, the use of centers for wheel set centering, which is still necessary today in other processes, has been eliminated. The axle bearing caps no longer need to be removed. The ingress of dirt and dust is prevented, and additional dismantling work is eliminated. Centerless turning has established itself worldwide and is now used in the majority of all underfloor wheel set re-profiling. Centerless turning offers considerable advantages for turning rubber-sprung wheel sets.

The offered machine offers the following advantages:

  • No dismantling of the wheel sets necessary.
  • Re-profiling of the wheel sets by turning.
  • Centerless turning possible.
  • Suitable for 1435 gauge.
  • Used and in perfect condition
  • Made in Germany – German quality product


Price: € 250.000
Price information: Price ex warehouse

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