DENA steel sleeper set for turnouts, EW49-190-1: 9, Sp1435 consisting of 32 sleepers St82k,

welded with ribbed plates, with 2 thresholds for threshold compartment “EWOS”, on one side the side opening area of the threshold is welded to sheet metal (against dirt / gravel)

Incl. the following loose accessories: SKl 12, Uls 6, Hs 32×55 + nut, SSb 2, one-sided identification of the sleepers with number and color marking

Price information: the product is very dependent on the steel price, which is rising steadily. Currently we can still offer from stock material, so that we offer a price validity of 1 month from non-binding stock. (As of July 19, 2021)

The steel sleeper offers decisive advantages. With an average service life of 70 to 100 years, steel sleepers are much more durable than wooden sleepers and have the advantage that they do not have to be impregnated with coal tar oil.

Steel sleepers produced in Germany.

The company DENA Stahlbau GmbH & Co. KG has all necessary certificates for high quality and usable products, especially the DB certificate HPQ, welding shop class 2 according to DB AG RiLi 826.1021 as well as QS ISO 9001, ISO 14001.


Price: € 18150
Price information: Set price for 100 sleepers

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