Under the Green Line Regio brand, Truck to Train Service GmbH offers companies a simple and economically profitable way of getting their goods on and off the rails regionally. The services are a supplement and customer-oriented extension to existing terminal solutions and loading tracks, in order to enable attractive rail freight transport in the area through a corresponding concentration of spatial access options to the railroad.

The focus is on transport containers for combined transport, but also individual goods (e.g. pipes). The first regional loading terminal is currently in operation in Stams, Tyrol (Austria). Further regional terminals throughout Austria are being planned.

The core competences cover the uncomplicated and service-oriented implementation of customer requests within the scope of the loading services at the terminal.

The concept

The decarbonization of freight transport is an important and very extensive aspect of climate policy. Shifting the many individual goods transports to the railways can only be implemented across the board if the appropriate infrastructure is provided. This requires a dense network of regional loading terminals that are connected to each other and to existing loading tracks, connecting railways and the large loading terminals in Austria and Europe.

The range of services

At the terminal:

  • Lifting and lowering of all common loading units for combined transport (semi-trailers, containers, swap bodies, loading of individual goods on request, …) and wagon load traffic
  • Provision and shunting of wagons
  • Intermediate storage and long-term storage (according to capacity)
  • Provision of the infrastructure for qualified self-loaders

Planning and development:

  • Development of customer-specific handling solutions

Contact details

Truck to Train Service GmbH
Address: Josef-Falkner-Straße 24a, 6410 Telfs, Österreich
Contact: Maria Schneider