Engineering office for railway infrastructure technology, general licensed and court-certified expert for railway facilities, certified mediator, certified security manager for construction sites

my services:

  • Inspection and diagnosis of railway sites (superstructure/substructure/bridges)
  • Authorized person for railway site acceptance tests
  • technical feasibility studies for railway sites
  • Planning of railway sites
  • Consulting services on the subject of maintenance, procurement
  • Creation of RAMS concepts
  • Project and construction management, construction supervision, construction management, preparation of specifications
  • Consulting for funding
  • Experience with international railway projects, working languages German and English
  • preparation and exetcution of safety plans for construction sites
  • Creation of mobility concepts

Contact details

Eng. Georg Vesely, engineering office for railway construction and infrastructure technology
Address: Schumanngasse 70/7, 1170 Wien, Österreich
Contact: Georg Vesely