Used E-TRAIL, a remote-controlled implement developed for cutting grass and brush (e.g. next to railway lines). The design, the low center of gravity and the rubber tracks with a raised profile enable the best possible traction even on rough terrain. The special engine oil sump ensures perfect engine lubrication and longer use of the machine in all positions up to 55° slopes. The remote control has a range of around 150 m.

Equipped with a 40 hp diesel engine that moves the vehicle and also powers the chipper. The advantages of this machine for the operator are:

  • It can work on the most difficult terrain (steep slopes, embankments, ditches, etc.).
  • It is sufficiently far away and protected from possible dangers (tipping over, falling stones and falling wood, etc.).
  • He is not exposed to direct noise
  • The performance of the machine is 25 times more effective and powerful than with manual pruning

In the attached pictures there are photos of the machine and technical data. The device is sold with the accessories shown. A folder from the manufacturer can be viewed here.

Additional information: damage to the hydraulics and defective hydraulic pump.

Contact person for sales processing or viewing appointments: Mr. Michael Tschudnig, BSc.

Price: € 8000
Price information: net, excl. VAT

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